This is a painting that I revisited and converted its earlier abstract form into a calligraphic experiment. Now the challenge was that in addition to the lack of training in oil painting, I was also a novice in calligraphy. Anyway, the image inside Rumi’s tomb that I posted on this blog earlier as well as the three attributes of the Almighty helped me in putting this together. The letters in the centre are Hu (affirmation of the Divine presence and a Sufi chant) and its mirror image. In Rumi’s words:

Eternity is the mirror of the temporal, the temporal the mirror of pre-eternity – in this mirror those
two are twisted together like his tresses..(translated by Arberry).

This was truly inspirational as I remembered the lines with a brush in my hand. Another little flash was the three words that I have remembered abundantly thanks to a guide. Alas, I am out of touch with him.

The three words, familiar and lyrical, on the right side of the painting represent the key attributes of Allah : Ar-Rahman(the Beneficient), Ar-Raheem (the Merciful), Al-Kareem (the Generous).

Muslim mystics have chanted these names since centuries in the quest to attain inner peace and closeness to Divine consciousness.

With this little feat, I am sort of feeling peaceful myself.

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9 Responses to Sufi Zikr – inspiration for a painting

  1. Indscribe says:

    bohat umda…kyaa baat hai! great to see such art…it’s rare to see such a painting. Calligraphy looks good…I think it it were done perfectly it wouldn’t have created this kind of impact…

  2. Indscribe says:

    ….some mistake….not it it…but ‘if’ it

  3. I Me My says:

    That explanation brings to mind a poem of Eliot’s; perhaps he borrowed this from Sufi poetry…
    “Time present and time past
    Are both perhaps present in time future,
    And time future contained in time past.”

  4. RR says:

    Adnan and IMM: great feedback – but I have a long journey ahead …alas
    Am touched by your comments 🙂

  5. MysticSaint says:

    beautiful indeed!

  6. The choice of colours for the background is beautiful.

  7. Irving says:

    This painting came into being
    as an abstraction, now the calligraphy
    of inspiration has transformed it
    into a love poem in color
    for Him.

    May Allah inspire you always in such beauty.

    Ya Haqq!

  8. sadiabokhari says:

    Defination of a man of god: His company reminds you of the Magnificient, the Merciful, the Omniscient…today your painting reminded me of Him

  9. Fatima says:

    Great job , I am trying to get better at calligraphy too!
    And those Rethe favorite names of God ..the attributes that ). His followers forget that He is Kind and Merciful

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