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More on the Urdu poet Mustafa Zaidi

Mustafa zaidiI wrote a piece on Urdu poet Mustafa Zaidi six years ago. Since then I have received immense feedback. Zaidi’s relatives, friends and admirers across the globe have contacted me and provided documents, information and related anecdotes. It is all turning into a book […]

December 4th, 2011|Arts & Culture, Poetry|8 Comments

Farewell Haqqani Saheb – forgive your peers and colleagues

A personal favourite, Irshad Ahmad Haqqani is dead. This is a huge loss to Urdu journalism as he was the last of sane voices in the vernacular industry. I often disagreed with his centre-right views but his tone was measured and he remained a staunch supporter of democracy. May […]

January 29th, 2010|Arts & Culture, Journalism, media, Pakistan|1 Comment

Farewell, Asim

Dear Asim: you left us in such a hurry – you will be missed, always..RIP

Asim Butt: A rebel from his conventional background, Butt continues to defy the conformist meanings of family, career, security, sexuality and that elusive bourgeois pursuit of happiness. Inspired by the Stuckism movement of […]

January 22nd, 2010|Pakistani Art, Personal|2 Comments