Mystical Music at one place…

Mystica Music contacted me and introduced their website that sells amazing music. I am not promoting their sales nor do I have any mandate to do so; but the range of titles is impressive and most significantly (for me at least) they have a few selections on mystical music.

One I liked a lot is called Zikr – Call of a Sufi. The artist is Anandmurti Gurumaa and it is in Hindi/Urdu.This is what the website had to say about the CD:

“Zikr is a beautiful Sufi meditation cd which weaves together very intoxicating and invigorating meditation techniques with the Sufi art of whirling and worship. Listening to the tracks intently with utter mindfulness can open the door to the divine for a seeker, at any moment.
Enjoy the magical experience and offering of Zikr, from the unblemished hands of beloved Gurumaaji herself .

Call of the Heart
This opening track calls for utmost attention of the listeners as this can be the beginning on the path for those who are drunk with Love. Allah’s grace is being sought, as one who surrenders to the Lord will receive the bountiful shower of Bliss. While listening to it, pray that your heart opens up and hidden mysteries get revealed.”

Another one is entitled Rumi with powerful renditions of Anandmurti Gurumaa.

“Rumi’s words rule over his listeners’ hearts. If one listens to Rumi and doesn’t feel the beauty and pain of love within him, he probably has no heart at all!’Thus begins Gurumaaji’s album ‘Rumi’, the first ever translation of the Sufi mystic’s soul stirring poems into the Hindi language. Listening to this album is nothing less than a journey into the world of dreams, of love and far beyond!

Ishq ka Khanjar is a poem where Rumi says that he finds himself worthless when he thinks of himself alone. The moment he realizes that he is not, he realizes his true worth! Rumi implores us to kill our little ego and gain the beautiful Emperor of Truth. In ‘Iltaja’ Rumi says that the path of love is beyond all traditions and religions, if you cannot think beyond hypocrisy, you are better off asleep! If you do not feel the pain of love, if you do not continuously search for the beloved high and low and pine for union with him, you are better off asleep!”

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