ThinkFest Pakistan 2021: Debating Jinnah’s Successes And Failures With Ishtiaq Ahmad

Raza Rumi interviews Professor Ishtiaq Ahmad for his latest, insightful and challenging book on the founder of Pakistan: ‘Jinnah: His Successes, Failures and Role in History’. From ambassador of Hindu-Muslim unity to one of the co-founders of Muslim nationalism and Islamic Ideology in South Asia, Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s role underwent a fundamental paradigm shift. What kind of Pakistan he envisioned and what was his primary motivation behind the struggle for its creation, are still disputed questions. The figure of MA Jinnah, affectionately called ‘Quaid-i-Azam’ by Pakistanis, has been under intense debate lately. Using primary sources, Ishtiaq Ahmad attempts to answer several unsettled questions on Jinnah and history of Pakistan in a bold manner.

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